Hi, I’m Chelsea. First things first, I rarely say no to a margarita and I frequently cry at heartfelt commercials.

Chelsea T Avery

I got LASIK in 2018 but still want to post a bunch of my favorite photos of me in glasses, like this one:

Did I also post it to show off my awesome calf muscle flex that’s happening and how well that dress used to fit me before I popped out a kid two kids? Yes. Yes I did.

I’m from Colorado, got my Master’s in Social Work in Portland, Oregon and lived there almost seven years before we made our way back to Colorado.

Here’s something you should know about me: I’m sort of obsessed with relationships. I’m obsessed both with the happy, healthy relationships that last a lifetime as well as the ones that end in flames. Both teach us invaluable lessons.

That’s my daughter Atlas (named after the world) and my dreamy husband, Ryan Avery! Atlas is now 3.5 and very sassy, very funny, and very independent!


We welcomed our son, Zürich to our family July 2019 and he’s the cutest.

The Avery Family

I am on a mission to help people, especially women, show up fully in our relationships. Where do we need to start? With the relationship we have with ourselves. I’ve experienced dark, empty years of trying to be someone I’m not, resisting my true self and staying in unhealthy relationships for far too long because of the relationship I had with myself.

I’ve battled generalized anxiety disorder since a child, periods of clinical depression as well as intense postpartum depression (times two). I’ve also experienced the highest highs of traveling the world, learning how to have the fulfilling and fun marriage I have today and having laughing fits with the best people. Life isn’t solely good or bad, it’s made up of everything.

For most of my life, I didn’t know how to go about truly knowing myself. I had no idea about how to love all parts of me, even the less sexy, cellulite-ridden, anxious parts. I had so much trauma (most of which I didn’t fully realize) that needed a new narrative, which allowed me to show up healthier and better in this world.

We, especially women, are supposed to be able to do it all. We are supposed to be the most loving wife and attentive parent. We are expected to fit into the male-created workforce that doesn’t always make space for how we can bring our full selves to the table. It’s exhausting.

Before you can love yourself, you first must get to know yourself. The better you understand yourself, the deeper you can love yourself. Once you’re able to fully love yourself, this allows you to be the best in all other areas of your life. Your relationship thrives, your family functions better and you are more in alignment with your career and goals.

Before we can be the best partner or mother or friend, we have to first know ourselves and love ourselves – wholly.

I’m here to help with that process because entire new possibilities open up once we know and accept who we truly are at our core.

p.s I used to blog for years at the new wifestyle so if you’re looking for posts before November 2018, that’s your spot!


If you prefer reading the quick, obligatory third-person ‘about me,’ I’ve got you covered too: 

Chelsea Turner Avery, MSW is an international speaker and writer. She co-founded AveryToday, Inc., the communication consulting business she runs with her husband, Ryan Avery. She is especially passionate about reinvigorating relationships, starting with ourselves, which ripples to all other relationships. She resides in the mile-high city of Denver, Colorado with her dreamy husband, brilliant daughter Atlas, sweet son Zürich and believes a warm chocolate chip cookie can solve most problems, at least temporarily.