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With Transformational Coach Chelsea T. Avery

Facilitating the reawakening of our core selves… to show up fully in life and business.

Transformational Coaching

It’s designed to dive deep into your subconscious, the part that neuroscience tells us actually runs us. Typical psychology, therapy and even other types of coaching often look at what happens after thoughts occur and how to manage what manifests because of the

Public Speaking Coaching & Consulting

You know those speakers, whether it’s on a TEDx stage or at a conference and you’re like WHOA. That was GOOD.

And then you might think, “I wish I could do that.”

Well, good news. You can!

Here’s how to get started:

Yay! Glad you’re here! Start here to get caught up to speed and see what this is all about!

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What People Are Saying


We left inspired and with many takeaways that we are able to apply to our daily lives! Ryan and Chelsea spoke from a place of honesty, and were quite open about their own flaws and challenges, which opened the floor to very honest discussions.”

The Connors


We participated in the couples’ workshop that Chelsea and Ryan Avery ran and it is great! Their content was interesting and very useful (we still use one of their communication tools every day).

They are open, engaging, inspiring and authentic, which makes their delivery both very enjoyable and effective.

We wholeheartedly recommend Ryan and Chelsea to anyone who wants to improve their communication & relationships!”

Anna & Stewart


As one of the highest rated speaking events we have had, EO Kenya truly enjoyed having Chelsea and Ryan Avery speak to us and fully recommend them to any other EO chapter around the world!”

Amar Vidyarthi

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