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Public Speaking Coaching & Consulting

You know those speakers, whether it’s on a TEDx stage or at a conference and you’re like WHOA. That was GOOD. 

And then you might think, “I wish I could do that.”

Well, good news. You can!

Public Speaking is a learned skill.

Speaking isn’t something (most) people are naturally born with and requires zero work on their part.

This is EXCITING because it means you can learn specific techniques and strategies for how to write compelling speeches as well as how to deliver them for maximum impact!

While there are certain strategies for writing and developing your speaking skills, I am especially passionate about helping you harness the authentic YOU in your stories and on stage!

I can help you do this.

Chelsea is a forward-thinking, results-oriented communications coach. She is resourceful, positive and easy to work with. Within a couple months of working with Chelsea, I saw results that I would have never thought possible. I wish that I would have started working with her sooner!

Matt Zaun,Story Strategist 

World Championship Coach

In 2012 my husband, Ryan Avery, walked into our living room after watching hours of videos and proclaimed “I’m going to be the World Champion of Public Speaking this year!” to which I responded, “Is that a real thing?”

Turns out, it is.

He asked me to coach him so we went ALL IN (like, deep in, crazy people, nailing white boards to our walls) and learned everything we could about public speaking, delivery, writing powerful speeches and how to not pass out on stage. We worked on his speeches day and night and weekends and in our dreams. The only time we saw our friends was if they wanted to see Ryan practice and give feedback.

This was before we had two babies so we could stay up late, get up early and really dedicate our entire beings to learning the art and science of public speaking.

After 8 months of him training like an Olympic athlete with myself as his couch, he walked on stage in front of 2,000+ people to deliver his speech “Trust is a Must.”

Out of 30,000 people from 116 countries competing for the coveted title of World Champion…I’m proud to say that Mr. Ryan Avery become the youngest winner at age 25! 

After his win in 2012, we started getting invited to speak all over the world.

We stayed at our non-profit jobs for a while longer, trying to balance traveling to speak while still being solid employees.

In 2013, we took the plunge, quit our jobs and moved in with his parents (as one sometime does?).

I’ve expanded my client list beyond my #1 dude (though we still work together both in our business and on speeches). My sweet spot is to work with people who eager, open and want to expand their reach by stepping on stage and sharing their powerful message while getting audiences to take action! I also have experience in the speaking industry so depending on your goals, I’m able to consult on navigating this industry.

We’ve put on speaking tours around North America, have done a TEDx Talk and also became the youngest couple to professional speak on all seven continents!

Here we are in Antarctica – the last stop on our world tour. We taught people how to take their big dreams and make them their reality!

Interested in how we might partner together? Send me an email or schedule a phone call here so we can connect more!