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When you’re looking for your dynamic, funny, educational and authentic speaker to keynote or do a breakout session, I’m your gal!


how to take good head shots


See me in action for our first TEDX Talk in Akron, OH 2018



In 2013 I founded the online community called the new wifestyle (read the manifesto) reaching thousands each month, as well as empowering women to use their voice to make a difference through my monthly webinar program, Vocal Women. I’m a social worker turned entrepreneur, which gives me the unique ability to understand, connect and synthesize information in a compassionate and authentic way.



I’ve had the privilege of traveling the world to deliver my message to a variety of audiences. With me as his coach, my husband Ryan Avery became the Youngest World Champion of Public Speaking in history and our lives changed forever.

Since then we have founded multiple high-six figure businesses together and traveled extensively while helping others accomplish their big dreams. I have spoken professionally on every continent and want to continue this mission to empower women everywhere!



As you look for a speaker who will inspire audience members and share tangible strategies that will both educate and entertain, thank you for considering me! Below you will find my current keynote and workshop descriptions, along with my contact information and brief biography. i look forward to answering additional questions and collaborating on a custom program to make your event a powerful one!



Reawakening Yourself


  • defining the things you deeply desire and how you can get them
  • identifying the core values that shape your life
  • understanding how you can turn your ideas into reality
  • tools to create harmony in you work/life/love/personal priorities
  • strategies to get ahead in a world that seems unfair for women at times

I tailor trainings, workshops and keynotes to meet the needs of your audience and objectives.

Topics in which i am well-versed and passionate include relationships, entrepreneurship, women in business, working with your spouse, public speaking, travel, postpartum depression/anxiety, goal setting, mindset shifting and living an empowered life!


Couples Workshop: Dive Deeper with Chelsea and Ryan Avery

Dive Deeper is the workshop for committed couples who want to boost intimacy, unlock new ways of communicating and feel more connected than ever before.

Since 2012, Chelsea and Ryan have been running their own communication consulting firm together. They decided to add a couple kids to the mix two years ago, ya know, to spice things up!

They bring a rare and unique combination to their workshops, both coming from non-profit backgrounds before becoming entrepreneurs.

They are both incredibly passionate about researching and developing ways for people, especially couples, to take their communication and lives to the next level! They have surveyed more than 1,300 married people to find common and destructive communication issues and develop strategies to combat those issues.

They have delivered their workshops and keynotes from Kenya to New Zealand and all across North America. They are excited to host this event together in their hometown of Denver, Colorado, USA!

What will you learn?

  • The processes and paths Chelsea and Ryan Avery have implemented to successfully navigate growing their business in tandem for over a decade
  • Insights and ideas gathered from working with couples from around the globe that have already identified the red flags and rough spots
  • Boundary-setting that helps you both keep the peace
  • Real-world smart solutions and time-tested strategies to ensure BOTH your business, family and your marriage thrive throughout the process

Get ready to invest in your business AND your marriage so you can enjoy all parts of your life and thrive at home and at work. Book Chelsea and Ryan Avery today and make your next event, THE event!

What People Are Saying:

“As one of the highest rated speaking events we have had, EO Kenya truly enjoyed having Chelsea and Ryan Avery speak to us and fully recommend them to any other EO chapter around the world!”

  • Entrepreneurs’ Organization Kenya

We participated in the couples’ workshop that Chelsea and Ryan Avery ran and it is great! Their content was interesting and very useful (we still use one of their communication tools every day). They are open, engaging, inspiring and authentic, which makes their delivery both very enjoyable and effective.

We wholeheartedly recommend Ryan and Chelsea to anyone who wants to improve their communication & relationships!”

  • Anna & Stuart | Auckland, New Zealand

“We left inspired and with many takeaways that we are able to apply to our daily lives! Ryan and Chelsea spoke from a place of honesty, and were quite open about their own flaws and challenges, which opened the floor to very honest discussions.”

  • The Connors | Vancouver, Canada

CONTACT // @ChelseaTAvery // phone number upon request


Chelsea Turner Avery, MSW is an international speaker and writer. Her main topic is about reawakening who we are as individuals, feeling fulfilled within ourselves. Then we are able to have THE relationship, where we show up fully, have fun and have each other’s backs. She resides in the mile-high city of Denver, Colorado with her dreamy husband Ryan, two hilarious children and believes a warm chocolate chip cookie can solve most problems, at least temporarily.