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I adore facilitating and guiding workshops. When done correctly, a gathering of people showing up and moving towards expanded consciousness together is nothing short of magic.

What People Are Saying

Main Workshop Topics

While these are my most requested workshop topics, I am always happy to discuss variations and expansions!


Once you understand exactly how the mind works, everything changes. We are all one thought away from a different reality.

My workshops on Mindset explore where our thinking comes from and what exactly to do about it. We often get caught up that if our circumstances or environment or people were different, everything would be ‘better.’ Understanding that it’s really an inside-out job will create the change we seek.

This topics works great for areas related to:

  • Stress management
  • Goal Setting
  • Boundaries within personal and professional life


Coming from the non-profit world and basically being dragged into becoming an entrepreneur by my husband, I have a unique take on the journey, the challenges and the rewards of what it takes to own your own business. 

After he won the World Championship of Public Speaking with me as his coach, our entire world changed. We quit our jobs, sold most everything we owned, moved across the country and into his parents’ house in Houston back in 2013.

This workshop is relevant for areas related to:

  • Taking the plunge into entrepreneurship
  • Navigating high stress, high rewards 
  • Women in business

Couples Workshop: Dive Deeper

We absolutely love doing couples workshop together! Ryan and I are vastly different in many ways so we are able to relate to the uniqueness of individuals and couples in our audience. Our main takeaways within our Couples Workshops involve tangible strategies for ways boost intimacy, unlock new ways of communicating and feel more connected than ever before.

We are able to tailor to your specific audience:

  • Couples committed to learning how to be intentional in designing their lives together
  • Balancing business, family and marriage
  • We have Couples Workshops both for entrepreneurial couples as well as traditionally-employed couples 

What People Are Saying

As one of the highest rated speaking events we have had, EO Kenya truly enjoyed having Chelsea and Ryan Avery speak to us and fully recommend them to any other EO chapter around the world!”

Amar Vidyarthi

Entrepreneurs’ Organization – Kenya

We participated in the couples’ workshop that Chelsea and Ryan Avery ran and it is great! Their content was interesting and very useful (we still use one of their communication tools every day).

They are open, engaging, inspiring and authentic, which makes their delivery both very enjoyable and effective.

We wholeheartedly recommend Ryan and Chelsea to anyone who wants to improve their communication & relationships!”

Anna & Stewart


We left inspired and with many takeaways that we are able to apply to our daily lives! Ryan and Chelsea spoke from a place of honesty, and were quite open about their own flaws and challenges, which opened the floor to very honest discussions.”

The Connors

Vancouver, Canada

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