Opportunities for Our

Worlds to Overlap


I work with a small number of individuals each year in my 1-on-1 coaching program. It's high-flame, deep-dive coaching to reawaken to your true self and leave behind everything that isn't you.

Please send me an email (chelsea(@)averytoday.com) to chat more about what this looks like, what your desires are and how we might partner together to create that magnificent and powerful reality!

A Note About Coaching:

Coaching never does things for you. The primary role of a coach/guide is to listen, question, observe, pinpoint, re-frame, and articulate. The plans and actions you take are your own - this is how you take full responsibility to step into your power.

While coaching is often therapeutic, it is not therapy.

The focus of coaching is taking a deep look at what a fulfilling life looks like for you. Together, we discover where the roadblocks are, how to release them, and reawaken who you are at your core. We acknowledge and investigate pieces of the past and move towards current, authentic desires.


In-person speaking events are also postponed but I can rock a virtual speech like nobody's business! 

Topics in which I'm well-versed and have delivered workshops, keynotes and breakout sessions include: mindset, relationships, entrepreneurship, working with your spouse, postpartum depression/anxiety, and authentic goal setting.

Send me an email chelsea(@)averytoday.com and we can schedule a time to chat more!


In-person workshops are currently postponed because #COVID19