Baby Avery #2 is A…

Hello from Australia! We are having the best time (minus the start where the flight was rough with a sick toddler and the airlines losing our luggage for three days). It’s hard to be too mad when this is our view one minute from our beach cottage:     My soulfriend Lindsey is here for […]

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Preparing for a Long Flight with a Toddler

In exactly a week, we will be waking up to our first official morning in Australia! In order to get there, I’ve been preparing for a long hour flight with a toddler. 16 hours to be exact. Whew.    I’ve written about traveling with a newborn and a baby, but now we are FULL toddler mode and […]

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6 Steps Towards Designing Your Life

I appreciate the excitement around us spending allll next month (and some of Feb and technically a day in April) in Australia! We are getting so so excited – with a dash of nervousness for flying with a 2.5 year old!   I was having lunch with someone (hi Cristina!) and she was asking me about […]

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