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32 Things I Know For Sure

By January 23, 20196 Comments

It’s my birthday on Friday! Turns out I’m a whole lot less excited to celebrate my birthday when I’m pregnant and can’t drink margaritas. I am substituting with sugar and lots of it!

I shall be turning 32. Birthdays are always a reflective time for me to think over how I’ve changed over the past year. With that, here are 32 things I know for sure:

1. When you’re 18 and think you’re a full-fledge adult, you’re not.

2. When you’re 32 and think you might be an adult, you’re kinda still not.

3. Sandwiches, salads and smoothies taste infinitely better when someone else makes them for you.

4. People don’t really reinvent themselves but rather become more comfortable with who they truly are.

5. You don’t fully appreciate the exhaustion, sacrifice, joy, love and patience your parents experienced with you until you have a child of your own.

6. Expressing emotions is not a sign of weakness.

7. Doing acts of kindness, big and small, inspire others to do the same.

8. Having a few deep and real friendships far outweigh having a bunch of surface level people around you.

9. Racism and sexism (and the other ‘isms) are absolutely still around and America’s current leadership is tangible evidence of this.

10. Traveling by yourself on an airplane (after you travel a ton with a toddler) is almost the equivalent of a spa-like-feeling.

11. If you’re not having fun or feeling fulfilled regularly, things need to change.

12. Working towards designing the life you want to live is both incredibly empowering and sometimes overwhelming.

13. Be careful what you think because it will usually become reality.

14. After being with the same person for 12 years, there are still things to learn about each other and still effort to be put in.

15. Getting stung by a wasp is at least in the top seven of most physically painful things.

16. As addictive as the dopamine hits are from our phone and social media, the good life still exists within arms reach of someone.

17. It’s really fun to have a sister, especially when you both have toddlers.

18. Eating outside makes the food taste better, the drinks colder and the conversation deeper.

19. If you want people to get you a card on your birthday, tell them you want a card on your damn birthday. #YesMeansYes

20. If certain people make you feel like shit or drain your energy, you don’t have to hang out with them. For real. Stop.

21. Having children is a choice and a choice that should be taken very seriously (and if you choose yes, then it’s a massive responsibility).

22. There is always room for growth, unlearning and relearning.

23. It’s okay not to choose the side salad and eat french fries. It’s also okay to eat the side salad.

24. People are so nice to you when you’re pregnant (which is great) but I like really need people to be nice to me when I have a newborn.

25. If you don’t truly know, accept and love yourself, nobody else can truly know, accept and love you either.

26. If a falcon’s wing brushes your not-yet-two-year-old’s face, she will still regularly bring it up six months later (and counting).

27. If wearing a Fitbit depresses you instead of motivates you, take it off or move more.

28. Find what recharges your soul and energy. Do more of that.

29. Apologizing (and meaning it) when you’re in the wrong is hard but necessary to move forward.

30. It’s okay not to like sparkling water, no matter how hyped everyone gets about it.

31. Being generous with your time, talents and money is more satisfying that I initially thought earlier in life.

32. Discovering yourself, being yourself and accepting yourself is a lifelong journey and a worthwhile one.

What else do you know for sure, regardless of your age?


  • Lindsey says:

    My favorite annual post! Love and YES to all of these! Especially number 30, seriously what is the big deal? Happiest birthday week!!

  • Audrey says:

    YES to 3, 6, 8, 20, & 29.
    And sparkling water is GROSS.

    Hope you have an absolutely amazing fantastic wonderful birthday!!! Even without the margarita 😉

  • Charlene says:

    These are all great things to know for sure! Happy (early) birthday!!

  • Claire says:

    I love this annual posting. It is so real and validating. I resonate with so many of them, and especially love number 22. Thanks for sharing!

  • Lindsay says:

    To do lists should have items that give you energy and not just tasks to make you feel accomplished.

    Happiest of birthdays to a fellow Aquarian. ?????

  • Dawn says:

    Things I know for sure:
    1. No one can hurt me emotionally unless I let them.
    2. No one can make me mad, I choose mad. No one can drive me crazy, unless I’m already crazy.
    3. It’s OK to get halfway through a commitment and decide it’s just not for you (unless you’re a parent haha) and change your mind (e.g.- education)
    4. To think is to create—if I believe it and can conceive it, it can be achieved.
    5. Brussel sprouts get better as I age.
    6. The WWW can bring out the worst in people and it can bring out the very best. Always choose to spend time reading the best.

    I could go on but I won’t flood your comment section haha. Happy Birthday you!!! <3

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