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33 Things I Know For Sure

It’s January 25, 2020. I’m 33 today and I’m in Australia. So, I guess it’s technically not quiiiite my birthday for the reals since I was born in Colorado but I’m taking it.   I also haven’t posted on here in quite some time because life has been hard for me lately. It’s getting better […]

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5 Things I Admire About My Husband

Happy Birthday to this studmuffin! Ryan Austin Turner Avery is officially 32 and it’s completely blowing my mind. I’ve celebrated birthdays with him since he turned 20! Look at this babyface:     Context of the photo: He was giving me his very first bite of his free birthday milkshake, and this was an incredibly HUGE […]

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32 Things I Know For Sure

It’s my birthday on Friday! Turns out I’m a whole lot less excited to celebrate my birthday when I’m pregnant and can’t drink margaritas. I am substituting with sugar and lots of it! I shall be turning 32. Birthdays are always a reflective time for me to think over how I’ve changed over the past […]

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Picking a Word of the Year

first off, thank you to each and every person who commented, texted, emailed and so on with congratulations and excitement over baby #2! we are excited, especially now that i’m feeling less like horrible ball of terribleness. so, picking a word of the year. i’ve had zero motivation/energy to think of anything other than ‘which […]

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