January 25

34 Things I Know For Sure


It's amazing what a year can bring! I was barely on the other side of surviving last year at this time and this was even before we entered full pandemic mode. Whew.

I sure as hell don't know everything but I feel confident that each year, I become a bit more certain of certain things.

As a celebrate my 34th birthday today, I invite you to also consider what things you know for sure. Oh and to also eat cake because dammit, why not!?

34 Things I Know For Sure

  1. Our thinking creates our reality.
  2. We are one thought away from a new reality.
  3. We aren't meant to do most things alone (though time alone is essential).
  4. A pandemic will quickly get your priorities straight.
  5. Moving one's body will release pent up energy and anxiety.
  6. Hugs. Our souls need them and I can't wait to safely hug good people again.
  7. If you're not getting called out and challenged, you probably aren't fully engaged in anti-racist work if you're white.
  8. Have friends that can call you out, engage in conversation and still love each other through it all.
  9. Empathy is a superpower - embrace it, don't wish it away.
  10. Tell people "I love you" more, especially important people outside of your immediate family.
  11. Having kids is way more challenging and way more fun than you have any idea until you're in it.
  12. Play to your strengths and release your weaknesses.
  13. When you start taking 100% responsibility in ALL areas of your life, you get your power back.
  14. We (humans) are killing the earth. We need massive action NOW.
  15. Grow some of the food you eat - it's incredible to be involved in the process.
  16. When you show up to life as curious, life gets a lot more interesting.
  17. It's okay not to be okay.
  18. What you fuel your mind and body with, directly impacts how you function and feel.
  19. When anxiety starts creeping in, remember that an acorn doesn't worry about how it's going to turn into a tree. It surrenders and trusts in the perfect flow of life.
  20. Black lives matter. Brown lives matter. Indigenous/Native lives matter.
  21. Sunshine and clean water are essential for all living things. Prioritize them.
  22. Children are way smarter and way more observant than we often realize. Live by example and take responsibility when you mess up.
  23. Most of us have way too many possessions - we could all stand to be more conscious consumers.
  24. Priority ranking: Self > Marriage > Kids. In that order, everyone benefits.
  25. When you find your way back to your authentic self and start living true to you - life becomes effortless, easy and joyful.
  26. We won't be positive/upbeat/energy-filled every day. That's okay - that's part of the human condition.
  27. Speak openly about your needs and desires and support and love and everything. Say. It. OUT LOUD.
  28. Yes Means Yes. Still. Always.
  29. Happiness is an inside job.
  30. Show up. And respond to what shows up.
  31. Life should overwhelmingly be enjoyed sober AND every once in a while, it's fun to throw some alternatives in there.
  32. Create agreements in your marriage, together. Live from these - revisit and revise often.
  33. Find ways to have deep belly laughs as often as you can.
  34. We have what we need.

What do you know for sure? Any of mine you aren't so sure about?


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