July 16

Dear Zurich: Two Years Old


Dear Zürich! Z man! Zeebee! ZZ Top! Buddy! 

You are TWO today!!! 

Last week you dislocated my jaw by head-butting me under the chin so I’m going to do my best to reflect over the past year and not simply the past week!

I finally get why parents sometimes get sad and wonder where on earth the time goes because it feels like yesterday you were shooting out of me and into the world. I never got too sad as Atlas was growing older at this point and I think it’s because I always knew we’d have another kid. But now, you’re my last baby. I won’t ever have a two year old again and that makes me feel some stuff. I am so grateful you’re growing and getting smarter and a small little piece of my heart feels a little sad at how quickly it’s all happening. 

You are such a silly and fun and smart person! A few weeks ago, we were driving somewhere and Atlas was getting sleepy, almost nodding off. We said “you better not be asleep Atlas” and the next time we looked back, you were pretending to be fast asleep in your carseat, with a sheepish grin on your face. It’s so fun to watch your personality emerge!

You spent a fair majority of your time from a 1 year old to a 2 year old in our weird pandemic world. We spent SO much time as a family of four, with your wonderful grandparents sprinkled in. You didn’t know any different and it will always be a time I (mostly) cherish. Days were hard and long but I also know what a unique moment in our lives that was as well.

We went to Mexico a few weeks ago and upon arriving in the airport, you kept saying “People! People! People!” It was also so darn sweet to watch you take in the airport and the airplane because we talked about it so much. You loved looking out the window. You were a little nervous when we took off but once you realized it was all good, you kept saying and signing “More! More! More!”

When we landed and were waiting to get off the airplane, you squeezed your tiny hands into fists, scrunched your nose and declared “EXCITED!!!!” The best.

Strange to think about if there wasn’t a pandemic, we probably would have taken you all over the place traveling like we did with your sister! Instead, we stayed home and ended up loving it.

It’s so interesting to watch how you interact with the world, especially when I think back to Atlas as a two year old. You are definitely much more physical and the innate desire to climb everything is impressive. You currently love all sport related things - especially watching our neighbor boys play basketball.

For a while, you even slept with a full-size football every single night. You love ‘hoops’ and you are stringing 3-4 word sentences together. It seems like you literally fall asleep and wake up smarter (which is why you must listen to me and go the heck to sleep because that is when you grow and get smarter). 

You currently wake up most mornings by singing “Old McDonald had a farm” and repeating “Oatmeal!” because you love to eat it every single morning! You love singing. In fact, your Montessori teacher tells us “Zurich loves to sing - in fact, he goes around singing pretty much all day!” I think that’s the sweetest ever.

Little kids who love to sing always seem like they are in a content and happy place both in their world and their mind so it makes me happy that you love to sing! Your other favorite songs right now are “Baa Baa Black Sheep” “Wheels on the Bus” and “Rockabye Baby.”

You have entered the stage where you are experiencing big emotions and I continue to do my best to remember it’s part of your development. You enjoy getting your full body into said emotions. You’ve also taken to running away when you don’t want to do something so that’s fun.

You also love love looooove your big sister, Atlas! You love to wear her shoes, do what she does and eat whatever she eats. You also want whatever toy/activity/anything that she might have. She’s such a great big sister to you and it’s been so fun to watch you get older and play more together!

You both get so excited about eating popsicles and watching “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie!” You each have your spots - you hop on the recliner and she sits on the arm of the couch. Sometimes you hold hands and it’s the sweetest!

You’ve been a daddy’s boy for the past like 6 9 okay almost a year. This means that you want to daddy to do everything for you like push the stroller, put you to bed, get you dressed, change your diaper. Not gonna lie, it was kind of great because then I’d put Atlas to bed and we’d read Harry Potter while daddy put you down. Ha! Now you’re coming back over to the mama side and I love it!

We are so thankful you are exactly who you are and that your little soul chose us to be your family! We love you Zürich!



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