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32 Things I Know For Sure

It’s my birthday on Friday! Turns out I’m a whole lot less excited to celebrate my birthday when I’m pregnant and can’t drink margaritas. I am substituting with sugar and lots of it! I shall be turning 32. Birthdays are always a reflective time for me to think over how I’ve changed over the past […]

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Picking a Word of the Year

first off, thank you to each and every person who commented, texted, emailed and so on with congratulations and excitement over baby #2! we are excited, especially now that i’m feeling less like horrible ball of terribleness. so, picking a word of the year. i’ve had zero motivation/energy to think of anything other than ‘which […]

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Our Exciting Update!

It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? This was not my intention to roll out a 75% done site, post once and then ghost you. I’m sorry. But…I’m here! The reason I’ve been quiet around these parts and even my beloved Instagram is because…I’m growing baby #2 (and have felt truly miserable)! My estimated due date […]

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Welcome to My New Home!

Hi Friends, welcome to my new website! I feel like this is my new house and I want to show you around (no need to remove your shoes).   The first thing you’ll probably notice is that I’m capitalizing letters. I wrote for years in lowercase letters on my website the new wifestyle but felt […]

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