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Hi. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I feel like this is an awkward reintroduction. I convinced you to leave my old website the new wifestyle, and then kind of ghosted you over here.


I mostly hang out on the Instagram because two kids, being in quarantine, trying to pivot our business since all of our events/workshops/keynotes can’t happen and stay mentally well is…time consuming.


But, I woke up this morning and felt this feeling that was familiar but hadn’t visited me in a while. That feeling? The genuine desire to write. Like, excited to move my fingers on my computer and put some thoughts into words! The spark – it found me again!



I haven’t felt the ‘spark’ of writing in almost a year. Instead of feeling guilty about not having that feeling and ‘neglecting’ this space, I was fine with it. Other things required my attention. My head and heart needed some healing after the birth of our beautiful son, Zürich. We left for Australia right after Christmas 2019 and came back March 4, 2020. We dealt with the horrific bushfires there, the crazy floods and thankfully making it back to Colorado, where we are currently quarantining thanks to COVID-19.


So, I didn’t stress about not feeling like writing regularly because I also knew that forcing it wasn’t right either. I knew the spark would relight within me and it did. TODAY. I am grateful.


I think I might need to thank COVID-19 for that? Is that weird?


I have all these ideas and thoughts to share around what this virus has the ability to do for ourselves, for our family, for our communities and for the earth. I feel like I can relate to this in a unique way. My education in social work, coping with my own anxiety, and sorting out how to work with your spouse and kids around has given me unique insight. I feel like suddenly the culmination of many of my life experiences have kind of prepared me for this? Maybe that sounds strange but that’s okay.


I have some ideas but I’d also appreciate hearing what you might need/want/desire? Pretend anything is possible, pretend there aren’t limits. Drop a comment, email me, send me a DM.


When breakdowns happen, we have the ability to create breakthroughs. We will get through this. I am also positive that good will be sparked from these hard times too.

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  • David Levy says:

    Hey, Chelsea! Interesting about “life preparing (you) for this moment,” I have often found that when I find myself suddenly passionate about something that, if I take the time to consider it, that there is nothing “sudden” about it. Usually I can go back into my childhood memories for evidence of an early spark and even some form of pursuit of “something,” even if I didn’t know I was pursuing something. A healthy habit for young folks to learn would be to examine their lives for those sparks to either recognize them when they’re happening or at least ruminate on their experiences and acknowledge them (like panning for gold) while they’re still young enough to be able to choose whether their journeys will begin in that direction or not. Often times, once we’ve traveled a certain path for a while, it’s too easy to say “well this is what I’m doing now, so I guess I’ll keep doing it.” …I know this isn’t entirely related to what you’re saying, but it’s where my mind went, just the same. 🙂 I look forward to exploring your new website more. Welcome back! …and “Hey!” to ravery!

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