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It’s January 25, 2020. I’m 33 today and I’m in Australia. So, I guess it’s technically not quiiiite my birthday for the reals since I was born in Colorado but I’m taking it.


I also haven’t posted on here in quite some time because life has been hard for me lately. It’s getting better but it got pretty scary and hard there for a bit after my son (!) was born in July. I plan to share his birth story at some point and more of what’s going on but the blogging world has changed so trying to decide how and where to share.


Anywho, let’s get back at it. I’ve started working with a powerful coach who is helping me sift through many things and focus my natural strengths on how to serve the world. An exercise she had me do was list out things I stand for at my core. This has inspired this post. Here are 33 things I know to be true, in no particular order.

  1. Our minds are so very powerful.
  2. Love ebbs and flows. It’s normal. Don’t freak out.
  3. Sugar really is addictive but sometimes necessary.
  4. Verbally appreciating people goes a long way.
  5. Motherhood is unexpected in almost every way.
  6. Intimacy and sex are two different things. 
  7. Communication is a learned skill that must be practiced regularly.
  8. A freshly made bed helps the calm the mind before bed.
  9. Exercise, even especially when we don’t feel like it, will help turn the day around.
  10. Even when the world feels upside down and assholes are ‘leaders,’ we can still be kind.
  11. Truly listening without preparing our response or thinking of grocery lists is a hard skill but important.
  12. Our planet truly is in trouble and we all need to do better (go back to your car to get the reusable bags, buy reusable straws and stop using single use coffee cups, to start).
  13. Light will eventually return so hang on, even when it seems like the darkness might last forever.
  14. We don’t need to spend time around people that suck our energy and drain our spirits.
  15. Do the work to ensure you are also not one of these people that sucks energy (too often).
  16. Therapy is so good, like SO good.
  17. Medication is there to help, take it.
  18. Baby giggles are one of the best sounds in the world.
  19. Toddlers are hilarious, adorable and absolutely horrifying.
  20. Relationships change. Know this and be okay with this.
  21. Time in nature is never time wasted.
  22. The hardest conversations with our partner might be uncomfortable in the moment, but ultimately, they either bond you or break you.
  23. How we choose to see the world directly relates to our experience. If all we see are the awful, hard, terrible things, that is how we will see the world. The opposite is also true.
  24. Assuming the best intention of someone’s actions rather than the worst intention will make your life easier.
  25. Racism, sexism, classism, ableism, all the damn ‘isms’ exist and we have the opportunity to change this through acknowledging our privilege, hearing and validating people’s experiences and changing our actions.
  26. My uterus, my rules. AKA trust women.
  27. Our parents (most of them anyway) busted their asses for us. Tell them thank you.
  28. A successful life is measured by so much more than income.
  29. We can do hard things.
  30. No one actually knows what they are doing most of the time. We need to be encouraged to try, fail, and try again.
  31. There is always, always something to be learned from every experience.
  32. We cannot selectively numb out to anxiety, shame, grief, stress…otherwise we inevitably numb out happiness, joy, and being present.
  33. All of this <moves hands in large circles around the room> will end. Enjoy it now.



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