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Hi Friends, welcome to my new website! I feel like this is my new house and I want to show you around (no need to remove your shoes).


The first thing you’ll probably notice is that I’m capitalizing letters. I wrote for years in lowercase letters on my website the new wifestyle but felt like my shift-key was feeling left out so bring on the capital letters.


I’ve been feeling like I’ve outgrown my old place at the new wifestyle for a while now (I guess we’re doing this whole ‘new house’ metaphor, aren’t we). It started feeling cramped and I wanted more natural light. So, welcome to my new home. Please make yourself at home! There are still a few tweaks and renovations (so corny, I know) so keep coming back!


I’ve been hesitant to make this inevitable leap because I’ve been comfortable. I’ve been doing some soul-searching and serious reflecting on what I want to be doing with my life. I absolutely still love to empower women and our relationships – the mission of the new wifestyle.


As I was peeling back the layers as to why I was able to go from years in a very unhealthy relationship to the incredible marriage I’m in now – it came down to this:


I learned how to love myself. As I peeled that layer back, I realized that I had to first get to know my true self before I could love my whole self. That’s the secret to my healthy, fun, interesting relationship with Ryan Avery and myself. That doesn’t mean that our relationship isn’t full of challenges and obstacles (or that my voice doesn’t get a little louder as I say to him multiple times a week “OMG I DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU DID WITH YOUR KEYS”).



I spent the first few years of our relationship unlearning the toxic ways I became accustomed to in my previous relationship. It wasn’t pretty but it was necessary. I got the help I needed to address my anxiety and addressed my negative outlook on life.


Through working with couples around the world, I discovered that the most fulfilled and happiest couples love themselves as individuals in addition to loving their partners. This doesn’t mean they are constantly putting themselves before their spouse. Rather, each person knows who she or he is at such a deep level, each are able love one another without the expectation that the other needs to fill some sort of void.


You get to this point by knowing yourself.


There is no ‘other half’ because you are whole, first.


So, welcome to the place where I’m going to show you how to know yourself in order to love yourself. I can personally attest to this being the single biggest factor in living a life I actually love with a person I deeply love.


What do you think of my new space? What are topics that you’d love to see on here?


  • Uncle Jef says:

    Beautiful site from a beautiful soul.

  • Claire says:

    Very happy for you Chelsea! What a great move, the New house looks modern, welcoming and empowering!

  • Dawn A says:

    Oh FANTASTIC! I was going to start writing on relationships myself as I am finally in a full functional (rather than dysfunctional) powerful, passionate and loving relationship and I say this to everyone that we are individually WHOLE –two whole people coming together to create a bigger, more loving, impactful, vulnerable, difference-making WHOLE. Looking forward to reading sister!

  • Lindsey says:

    Love this!!! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve with this transition. Way to go to step out and reach farther- you never cease to impress me ❤️

  • Susan says:

    Well expressed, thoughtful and a perfect new “home”. Congrats!!!

  • Audrey says:

    So excited for you!! Your new house is lovely 🙂 I can’t wait to visit more!!

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