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Happy Birthday to this studmuffin! Ryan Austin Turner Avery is officially 32 and it’s completely blowing my mind. I’ve celebrated birthdays with him since he turned 20!

Look at this babyface:



Context of the photo: He was giving me his very first bite of his free birthday milkshake, and this was an incredibly HUGE deal. He used to be real intense with people eating his food, let alone the first bite. He asked me out on our first official date a few days after this, terrifying red eyes, straight hair and all. 



I wanted to pop in here to share five things I absolutely admire about my husband, in honor of his birthday!


1) He is THE Partner

I have high standards for our marriage, as does he. When I say ‘partner,’ I truly mean it. We are partners in all areas of our lives togethers. This doesn’t mean that we split all of our household tasks, parenting or our business responsibilities straight down the middle. It means we value the other person’s worth at the same level and show respect in that same amount too. 


We are co-members of our marriage, our household and our family.



2) He is THE Father

Watching Ryan with our 2.5 year old daughter Atlas truly makes me love him deeper. The joy she brings him and the love he consistently shows her is to be admired. He talks to her maturely (because hello, she’s a human) and always encourages her to get back up when she falls down.


He tells her she’s smart, clever, kind, funny, cute and that he loves her multiple times a day. They have a super close and special bond. It’s fun to witness, even when she shuts the door in my face because they are having daddy/daughter time.


He is Himself

Yes, the above photo is him rocking a ‘budgy smuggler’ which is Australian for little tiny Speedo. You can take the swimmer out of the water but you can’t take the swimmer out of the guy! He strolled for 2 miles after purchasing this through the beach town of Manly Beach, Australia. People were staring and commenting and he was like ‘eh. I feel comfortable in my body.’


I love this about him. He knows who he is and doesn’t apologize for it.


4) He is Ambitious

I’ve never met anyone who is able to be so ambitious while also still placing his family at the top of his priority list. It’s completely inspiring (though sometimes exhausting). As an the international keynote speaker, his main message is showing leaders how to go from “Being A Leader to THE Leader.” He completely walks his talk and is the same guy on stage as he is while making us dinner at home.



5) He is Generous

Ryan is someone who is always on the lookout for how to help others and giveback. Whether it’s helping the elderly couple at the hardware store load flowers into their car, leaving a 100% tip for a great waitress or picking up trash as he walks along any street – he really focuses on helping others.


Happy birthday, boo. I still choose you!


  • Paula Howley says:

    I would love to see more men follow Ryan’s lead in how to be a man, a partner and a father. Your little family inspires me Happy birthday Ryan!

  • Samantha says:

    Awww ? Ryan is all these “things” and more, and the fact that he chose you to live a grandiose life with, makes him even more love-able ? Happy Birthday ???

  • Audrey says:

    What a great dude! Happy Birthday, Mr. Wifestyle! 🙂

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