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33 Things I Know For Sure

It’s January 25, 2020. I’m 33 today and I’m in Australia. So, I guess it’s technically not quiiiite my birthday for the reals since I was born in Colorado but I’m taking it.   I also haven’t posted on here in quite some time because life has been hard for me lately. It’s getting better […]

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5 Things I Admire About My Husband

Happy Birthday to this studmuffin! Ryan Austin Turner Avery is officially 32 and it’s completely blowing my mind. I’ve celebrated birthdays with him since he turned 20! Look at this babyface:     Context of the photo: He was giving me his very first bite of his free birthday milkshake, and this was an incredibly HUGE […]

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Pregnancy: The Second Time Around

It’s national infertility week so my heart is feeling for those dealing with infertility. I never take for granted that I can get pregnant (or not) when I want. Keeping everyone reading this in my thoughts as I share about this pregnancy.   I used to be a liiiiittle judgy when I’d hear that second […]

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Dear Atlas – 2.5 Years Old

Dear Atlas, You are officially a tad over 2.5 years old and hot dang – you’ve evolved so much! Sometimes when I look these pictures, it seems like we keep swapping out babies for the next upgraded, older version. It’s bizarre how rapidly and beautifully you keep changing.     Your vocabulary has exploded over […]

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Australia has been…

Sharing a few photos of our adventures here so far! When I think about what being in Australia has been like, these various words show up:   Enlightening   Insightful   Adventurous Relaxing   Restorative   Rejuvenating Encouraging   Healthy   Rainy Cleansing   Challenging   Empowering Loving   Special   Memory-Filled Soaking up out […]

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